Physics Lab

For the undergraduate students, various basic experiments based on H.P. University, Shimla syllabus is conducted. The department has two Physics labs and a separate dark room for conducting optics based experiments. The major available experimental kits are:

  1. Four Probe set-up.
  2. Carey Foster Bridge.
  3. PN junction characteristics.
  4. Zener diode characteristics.
  5. Transistor characteristics.
  6. Fly wheel set-up.
  7. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.
  8. Hystersis Curve tracer.
  9. Spectroscope.
  10. Newton’s rings set-up.
  11. Sextant set-up.

Zoology Lab

Zoology Lab

Department of Zoology offers papers in life sciences, Discipline Specific Elective Courses alongwith practical courses. Various practicals are conducted with the help of following instruments. List of instruments are as follows::

  1. B.P. Apparatus (Digital and manual),
  2. Stethoscope,
  3. H.B Meter,
  4. haemocytometer,
  5. B.O.B. Incubator (220/230 V),
  6. Water bath digital,
  7. Rexime charts,
  8. Permanent slides,
  9. skeleton of Human and frog disarticulated,
  10. Models,
  11. compound microscope,
  12. binoculars,
  13. dissecting microscope,
  14. specimens of animals,
  15. ABD blood group kit

Chemistry lab

The major equipments in chemistry laboratory are:

  1. Water bath rectangular(steel),
  2. Muffle furnace
  3. Magnetic Stirrer
  4. Hot plate
  5. Rotary shaker
  6. Calorimeter(copper)
  7. Desiccator
  8. Hot air oven 14X14X14
  9. Hot air oven 24x24x24
  10. Centrifuge machine
  11. Soxhlet Apparatus
  12. Digital balance
  13. Distillation plant(steel)